The concept of Legal Physics is being developed by the Legal Research team of the MIT Human Dynamics Lab. Under the leadership of MIT Media Lab Professor Alex “Sandy” Pentland, the new data science called “Social Physics” has emerged from Human Dynamics research advances.

Special Update: Big Data Privacy Book Launch Includes Social Physics Chapter

More Information on the Big Data Privacy Book, Following Up Dialog from our Book Launch:
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For more photos, video and hackpad discussion, see:

The video below is an initial, high level introduction of the Legal Physics concept in the general context of Computational Social Science and specifically as part of Social Physics:

This blog is being designed and refined throughout the summer of 2014 to provide new content and relevant curated resources describing, defining and developing a Legal Physics conceptual framework and research agenda supporting and reflecting continuing academic and research work on Social Physics. Meanwhile, in June 2014, the MIT Legal Hackathon starts a continuing series of online and in-person events and activities exploring the law through data science. Please join the event or check out the archive later, at

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